Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Trade Ideas for April 24 $ALJ $ALK $GS $ISSI $TC

 Alon USA Energy, Inc. ( ALJ ) Potential Upside Runner! Nice Huge bullish volume, Buying pressure and Liquidity! It brokes its first major resistance opening a nice room to climb! Keep closely

 Alaska Air Group, Inc. ( ALK ) Potential Upside Breakout! Nice volume, buying pressure and liquidity! Money is flowing fast and healthy into the stock! Nice Bullish MACD Crossover! On Radar

Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. ( GS ) Potential Upside Runner! It  held up very well above its moving average 20-day in a red day! Keep follow closely tomorrow ! MACD remains bullish crossover and CMF is giving buy signals

 Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc. ( ISSI ) Potential Upside breakout! New 52-Week Higher is coming! Great Volume and Liquidity! Nice long setup to watch

Thompson Creek Metals Company, Inc. ( TC ) Potential Upside Breakout and its 22.93% of Short Float make it a Short Squeeze Candidate! Keep Closely

Stocks With High Buying Pressure $ALK $BONT $EXXI $GILD $HA $HCBK $HLIT $MPC $MTOR $MUX $SHLD $SUNE $SYNM $XRX



Trade Ideas for Today, Wednesday 23 $FLIR $FORM $BBRY $CSIQ $IAG $GRPN

FLIR Systems, Inc. ( FLIR ) Potential Upside Breakout! Its volume is huge and bullish!! It had a high buying pressure and strong liquidity! MACD is Bullish Crossover! Nice chart! Keep closely

FormFactor, Inc. ( FORM ) Bounce Player! It made a strong trade session with huge bullish volume crossing over its moving average 20-day! Its Bullish MACD crossover is pushing higher its movement! To Follow

Blackberry ( BBRY ) Begins to leave the oversold area though with low volume! It has here a strong support here and chart indicators starts to give positive divergences! With strong volume, it can made a nice upward movement! IMO,  is a great opportunity to entry here in BBRY!! Great Risk/ Reward

Canadian Solar, Inc. ( CSIQ) Made a strong trade session with decent volume crossing up its moving average 20-day and closing above that! Is well positioned for a Gap today!  Keep closely

IAMGOLD Corp. ( IAG ) Is time for a strong upward movement! It has a strong support here and the strong bullish volume yesterday may be signs of change! Chart indicators start to show positive divergences ! Keep closely

Groupon Inc. ( GRPN ) Bounce Player! It made a nice trade session crossing up its moving average 20-day and closing above that! Parabolic Sar and CMF are showing buy signals and its bullish MACD Crossover is giving strength to the upward movement! Long above $7.75